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Mental Health and related issues

Mental health is one of the hot topics in this post-modern world, where people are being inflicted with countless types of mental issues. The...

Climate Change and its Consequences

The term climate change has been getting popular particularly since the past decades. The scientists, meteorologist, politicians and policy makers have joined hands at...

Impact and challenges of Corona Virus on Education

Introduction Corona Virus came as a lethal killer of human beings that was contagious and spread fast enough that it engulfed thousands of precious lives...

Cyber Crimes

Cyber crimes are affecting the individuals at a fast pace irrespective of geographical boundaries. These crimes happen via computers and digital devices in order...

5 Books you need to read

Sometimes you feel that the ongoing week is much busier and hectic for you than the last week. You want to relax your mood...

5 Movies to watch in 2021

No one predicted that the movie-going experience would change last year. Due to the pandemic over all worlds, cinemas and theaters got closed. People...

Places you should visit in 2021

Every year, we planned to visit the best places in the world. Travelling might seem inconceivable for some people because of this global pandemic...

Why is Self-Defense necessary?

Self-defence is one of the basic human rights that must be accessible to everyone. It refers to the ability of a non-provoking person to...

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