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Health and fitness

Health and fitness is the bone marrow of our lives. HEALTH AND FITNESS helps a person to live long and peaceful life. HEALTH IS WEALTH this isn’t just an idiom, health is really the most powerful currency of every single person , Often, personal and financial issues destroyed our mental and physical fitness they are just work as a slow poison for our health and then we catch up with different diseases. The level of fitness of our body help us to fight with these problems so basically this is very important to maintain your health and fitness so that you can enjoy every single moment of your peaceful life


There is very strong relation of health and fitness with each other. In various cases we can assume that a person, having no disease and any other problem with his or her health but his\her body is weak and a weak body catch every bacteria or virus
very easily. A weak body person cannot fight with even cold so if you are a healthy person that is ok but, this is also very important that you have a good level of body fitness. Generally this is happened that when a person having a good heath then she or he automatically get interested to maintain his body fitness to make him or herself a good looking person .

We should give a partial time to our health and fitness from our daily life. By just applying few exercises on ourselves we can easily maintain our health and fitness also. Firstly and very important, we should done walk early morning and after dinner daily, by doing this our metabolism will be excellent in working, as everybody knows metabolism is the main reason of health and fitness by the good metabolic reaction our body can consume a lots of calories without weight gaining which makes our body fit and healthy. Similarly, walking for some time in a day is must for all. In fact, walking is considered the best exercise and is suited to all ages and fitness levels. It is important for maintaining health and fitness. Apart from walking and exercise, the second important way is to take at least 6 hours sleep a day.is makes ourselves calm and relax and prevent us from a number of diseases also. A calm full sleep improves our immune system also so that we can fight with every disease.

Sport, fitness, health. Exercise bikes in the fitness center.
Sport, fitness, health. Exercise bikes in the fitness center.


Food consuming plays a very Important role to maintain health and fitness. According to science researches, our body need particular nutrients, so when we eat food our body absorb nutrients from the food we eat. So literally this is very important to eat nutrient rich food to fulfill the requirements of our body to make ourselves healthy and fit. If we eat lac nutrient food, our body will become weak and in this way a lots of diseases can easily attack on us. So , in order to make ourselves healthy and fit , we should take a proper diet which is full of carbohydrates, minerals, fats, and proteins etc.


  1. Daily stress : Students often feel stressed about school work, and exams. Professionals are also prone to stress with regard to their life and work. Such conditions lead to imbalanced mental health.
  2. Depression – Prolonged stress about something leads to depression and becomes a health issue.
  3. Intake of harmful substances like alcohol, preserved foods, etc, adversely affect the physical and mental health and fitness.
  4. Lack of sleep – People tend to work late at night, constantly use their phones, etc and forego their destined sleep cycle. As suggested by medical experts, a fully relaxed sleep need to maintain our health . lac of sleep destroy our health and fitness.
  5. Junk foods – Intake of junk foods can destroy our health and fitness also.
    Health and fitness is the thing which we can entirely achieve on our own day-today habits . The environment of the area where we live effects a lot on our health .
    Pollution of village and those areas which have a lots of pollution issues , effects our health a lot. Air pollution , water pollution, noise pollution can easy destroy our health they works as a slow poison for our health and fitness. We should maintain our lifestyle to make our health good and made out body fit.
    Consumption of water also effects our health and fitness , in-taking of good air and food effects our health also.


    Meditation and yoga are a part of our life from ancient time. They not only make us physically fit but mentally strong as well. They make us relax and mentally strong yoga make us stress free and endure the power of life. yoga help us to control our blood pressure and meditations prefers the best way to fight with depression according to the science research.

    Health is a most precious gift from God we should take care of our health in a good manner , our body is the delicacy of God , we should maintain our routine to make our self , relax and give time to our self to build up our health and fitness ,although we may want to do something but our body may not support us. Hence we may not able to achieve our goals in life. Our single person should maintain their health and fitness so that they can stay away from each and every single disease. We should must remember the importance of our families, friends and all the precious person of our lives for whom we are the most important piece of life. We should take care of ourselves specially for those people, who cannot suppose their lives without us .
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