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5 Books you need to read

Sometimes you feel that the ongoing week is much busier and hectic for you than the last week. You want to relax your mood with your friends, watching the latest movies and having late night parties. Book worms are fond of reading books; it becomes difficult for them to read books in a week filled with appointments, meetings, and phone calls. However, if you are fond of reading books, it can be valuable for you. Reading books is a good habit for everyone; they increase the level of knowledge. You can build your vocabulary and reduce your stress level. Read books and let the worries go away.


The finest books are the classic ones with universal themes, characters, experiences, emotions, and perspectives. We divided books into various categories. Some of them are inspirational, romantic, and historical, and fantasy based depending on their content. We have created a perfect list of the 5 best books you need to read in this pandemic situation. Read this detailed article to have a perfect idea about the best books.

  1. The Lean Startup

This book is written by Eric Ries. Every successful entrepreneur reads this book because he specifically written it for entrepreneurs. This book provides a detailed overview of how we can become successful entrepreneurs. It provides a deep insight into how we can take a startup, recapitulate our products with profit and effectively accommodate the traction. Whether you are doing your own business or doing a job, this book occupies a special value on your book shelf because of its multiple exciting features. It teaches you interesting and fascinating things about entrepreneurship. It teaches you moral and valuable lessons of life. Those who are merely interested in this topic must read it.

  • The Great Gatsby

This book is one of the marvelous books written by Scott Fitzgerald. This book is our personal favorite. Mastery combines research and reflection into an amazingly written book with exciting content based on the wealth of people living in this society. The book digs into the daily routine of wealthy people; it throws light on the lives of wealthy people. Fitzgerald always depicted the extravagance and greed in his books. He had exposed the insincerity of the wealthy and discusses the role of social class in ‘’success’’ in the 1920s. There are many symbols and hidden meanings used in this book which make it an interesting book. This book can be a part of your book shelf if you are interested in exploring the lives of wealthy people.

  • To kill a mockingbird

This is an extraordinary book written by Harper Lee in American classic literature. He has written this book in an educational way to be an impressive and intellectual book for readers. This book depicts the growing awareness of the hypocrisy and prejudice of Scouts. It portrays the power structure of America in dealing with the Scouts who are young and innocent. It teaches you bravery, injustice, poverty, and racism. You don’t need to be frightened or scared of people in difficult situations. Own yourself and never let anyone control you with his power. The most important theme of this book is that it provides you with a splendid chance to explore the moral nature of human beings idealistically. We recommend this book to everyone for reading purposes because many stories will teach you moral lessons.

  • Never let me go

Nobel Prize Winner Kazuo Ishiguro wrote this science fiction novel. He has won a Nobel Prize for writing fascinating books about fiction, freedom, friendship, youth, loss, and acceptance. The characters are clones in a dystopic world and they are flawed in their actual life. The story takes place in a dystopian version of the late 1990s. The people lived a prolonged life via the state-sanctioned program of human cloning. Basically the clones donate their body organs until they complete; We consider this a euphemism for death. They donate a maximum of four to six organs. In a nutshell, the book is for those readers who are fond of reading emotional and sympathetic stories. 

It teaches valuable and moral lessons of life to the readers. The writer has utilized impeccable use of language, metaphors, and characters. One interesting thing about this book is that you can’t have control over your emotions while reading this book.

  • Things Fall Apart

This incredible book is written by Chinua’s Achebe’s who is an African writer. If you want to read a book that reflects African culture and literature, you must read this book to enjoy your time. The novel deals with the shifting of power dynamics in a colonized Africa. The writer has described the life of Okonkwo who is a leader of an Igbo community. He accidentally killed a clansman and the community banished him. He couldn’t accept the rules and regulations imposed on his community. He is a mentally disturbed person as they obsess him with his own masculinity. Words can’t describe the thrill and enjoyment of this book. Grab this book and read it thoroughly. It lies in top books to read as it enhances your perspective about civilization and community. Basically, it explains the difference between civilization and community.

Wrapping it up

Books are your partners in your boring time; you feel relaxed while reading the books. People who are fond of reading the books truly know the importance of these recommended books. Books play a crucial role in your lives as they introduce a new world of imagination, provide you knowledge about the outside world and improve your reading style. They boost your memory and intelligence in many beneficial ways. 

We have provided you a detailed article about 5 interesting and best books you need to read in this pandemic situation. Most people stay in their homes to prevent themselves from the covid-19 virus. They grab their favorite books from the bookshelf and spend their time while reading books with a cup of tea and snacks.

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